Innovation in Products Innovation in Processes
Innovation in Products Innovation in Processes

Innovation in Products


The Thunder Series

Experience the evolution of pump innovation. Our new Thunder Series provides optimum performance at unprecedented operational efficiency, delivering longer life and the lowest total cost of ownership.

From front to back, it’s packed with a host of our finest advancements, including:

  • Fluid ends that outlast others 2-3X
  • 11” stroke that reduces consumable costs at least 10%
  • Heavy-duty modular design that standardizes maintenance schedules
  • Power end enhancements for improved safety and serviceability

And more features than we can list here. The market demanded a pump like this. Only we could deliver it. The Thunder Series. Only from Gardner Denver. Learn more



When time is money, quality and reliability are critical. So our consumables are field-tested and proven outlast all others, providing you optimum value and lifespan that nobody else can touch.

Whether for drilling or frac operations, we offer a comprehensive selection of OEM-certified valves and seats, packing, plungers and more. Each is manufactured to our exacting specifications, and designed to fit and extend production life on any pump. And we maintain an extensive inventory to ensure you have the parts you need, when you need them.


Fluid Ends

Nobody makes fluids ends like we make fluid ends. That’s not a boast – it’s a promise, proven by performance, time and time again. Ask anyone, and they’ll agree.

With a reputation earned across the world, in every operational setting, our fluid end technology is the most tested and trusted in the industry. Each is designed utilizing our proprietary Autofrettage technique that ensures maximum durability down to the molecular level. Made with carbon steel or our patent-pending stainless steel, our fluid ends outlast even our closest competitors by 2-3X. And with our exclusive Falcon Technology special twist-in retainer, replacement is easier, faster and safer than ever.

Longer lifespan. Less downtime. See for yourself why our fluid ends are considered the industry’s finest.

Innovation In Process


Experience 360

Most manufacturers stop serving you after the sale. We’re just getting started. With Experience 360 you’ll get unparalleled aftermarket service and support throughout the entire life of your pump. Experience 360 is our 24/7 full circle of service that combines our most popular aftermarket programs:

  • New Sale
  • Pump U
  • Maintenance
  • ONE Customer Service
  • Replacement Parts
  • Core Exchange Program
  • Expert Repair

Our commitment to service is not market-driven. Experience 360 is proof. We’re with you every step of the way, providing you confidence, performance and value around the clock and across the world.

Experience less downtime. Experience more value. Experience 360. Only from Gardner Denver.


Parts On Demand

Don’t just expect the unexpected. Prepare for it. With our all-new Parts on Demand program, you get instant availability of our OEM-certified parts, whenever and wherever you need them.

Manage your inventory, reduce downtime, limit costs and get the exact high-performance parts you need to keep your production performing. With Parts on Demand, you can replace your parts fast from our regional service centers, at your job site, or even one of our POD mobile trailers that’s able to serve wherever you are.

Get peace of mind, all the time, every time, with Parts on Demand. Only from Gardner Denver.


Expert Service and Repair

We’re there, wherever there happens to be. So if your pump need repairs, our expert service and repair infrastructure is more than prepared – it’s specifically built for it.

Get back online fast at one of our dozens of state-of-the-art repair facilities, strategically located in today’s most active regions. With more than 250,000 combined square feet of dedicated space, we offer the industry’s fastest repairs times. But it’s not just about speed, it’s about quality, so we train our expert team to handle whatever challenge you bring them.

Can’t come to our place? We’ll come to yours, with on-site field service that can fix any pump or part, even it it’s not ours.

Innovative Products and Processes Built to Serve You.
See For Yourself How “The Future is Made Here.”

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