TLS 10 sets new standards for fluid end performance, longevity

January 2, 2014

Gardner Denver’s TLS 10 sets the standards for all fluid ends in the market. Field testing results prove the carbon steel TLS 10 lasts three times longer than its competitors’ fluid ends. When the TLS 10 is made with stainless steel, it lasts four to six times longer. Customers who are utilizing the TLS 10 in their fleets are achieving these same results.   

The TLS 10 is a direct result of a listening to a customer’s feedback.  The customer noticed the exceptional life of Gardner Denver’s SGWS fluid ends. Unfortunately those fluid ends would not fit the 200 pumps in his fleet. The customer asked Gardner Denver to design a fluid end with the same long lasting features that would fit his pumps. Within three months, Gardner Denver produced a prototype and sent two to the customer for testing. The field tests came back with clear results. The new TLS 10 lasted three times longer than the competitor’s fluid ends exceeding the customer’s expectations.

Gardner Denver was not yet fully satisfied with the prototype design and knew it could make it even better. The Falcon Technology was being developed at the same time as the TLS 10, and Gardner Denver wanted to implement that technology into this new fluid end. The Falcon Technology allows a customer to replace the retainer with a single twist-in piece replacing the need for the gun sight retainer. The TLS 10 became the first fluid end in the market with the new Falcon Technology. In addition, improved cross bores design minimizes stress on the fluid end.

“The TLS 10 was an immediate solution for customers having problems with fluid end failures,” says Arun Chandrasekaran, the development engineer on the project. “Our solution provides the customers with a longer lasting fluid end which ultimately improves reliability and reduces the cost of ownership over the life of the fluid end.”

The TLS 10 uses 90% of the same parts as other fluid ends making it easier on customers. The only difference is the TLS 10 requires a longer plunger. They can use the same trusted Gardner Denver valves, seats, seals, retainers, discharge flanges and more. 

To learn more about the TLS 10 or to place your order, please call 1-866-GD PUMPS (1-866-437-8677) or email [email protected].

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