1. TEE Pumps used in Well Servicing

Demand increases for the TEE well-service pump

February 21, 2014

With 50 years of innovation behind it, the Gardner Denver model TEE pump is the most demanded pump in the well-service market. The TEE is a 165 HP pump with maximum pressure of 10,000 PSI. The intermittent piston rod load rating of 44,000 pounds is two to three times greater than the competitor’s pump.

“No one else can compete with us dollar for dollar with this size pump,” says Steve Ratcliffe, Gardner Denver Sales Manager. “Because of the evolution of the TEE, it is the most widely accepted pump in that horsepower range for the well-service market. Plus with its eccentric design, we have considerably more rod load, which is critical if something happens on the well and you need to increase pressure.”

When it was originally manufactured in the 1960s, the TEE was used for a variety of other applications including high pressure water blasts. Over the years, the pump became widely used in well servicing. As the demand for a pump of this size increased, Gardner Denver continued to make updates and refinements to the TEE to make it even more reliable and durable. While all the parts remain interchangeable from the original design, the pump’s frame and eccentric have been strengthened and the oiling system has been improved.

The oil and gas industry has also evolved over the years, making the TEE well-service pump in more demand. “Modern technology allows wells to be drilled in six weeks instead of three to six months,” says Phil Shults, Gardner Denver Customer Service Manager. “After these wells are drilled, they need regular service work for the life of the well, and that’s where the TEE pump is required. With a growing number of wells operating in the U.S., you need a growing number of fleet trucks to service them.”

Based on customer feedback, Gardner Denver changed its distribution of the pump to streamline the process and lower the price to market. The TEE pump is primarily sold to OEMs. Ratcliffe says he’s constantly in contact with the OEMs to keep an eye on the market. He evaluates the demand, and Gardner Denver manufactures the TEE pumps based on it.   

“We’re striving to be able to ship within six to eight weeks,” says Ratcliffe. “In emergencies, we can deliver replacement power ends from stock to two weeks.”

Customers can rely on a wide-range of distribution centers throughout North America that sell parts for the TEE. These distribution centers can also perform service work. Plus, Gardner Denver service centers in Ft. Worth, Altoona, and Odessa can handle servicing the pump. While the TEE is primarily sold in North America, Gardner Denver does have plans to expand its international presence. 

In addition to the standard TEE well-service pump, Gardner Denver also produces pumps in the same TEE line including the TGE, THE, and the GD-250. All the pumps are manufactured at Gardner Denver’s Quincy, IL facility.

For more information about the TEE family of pumps, please contact Gardner Denver at 1-866-GDPUMPS (1-866-437-8677).

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