Smart Pump Technology saves customers time, money

December 18, 2013

Preventing pump problems and eliminating downtime is easier than ever with Gardner Denver’s Smart Pump technology. A Smart Box mounted onto the pump frame monitors critical locations within the power end.  When a problem is detected, a warning light flashes red on top of the Smart Box to alert you to the potential failure. By fixing the problem immediately, you can prevent a full pump failure which saves you costly power end repairs and downtime.

The Smart Pump System collects temperatures with RTD sensors at four critical areas: main bearings, pinion bearings, crosshead slides and the internal lubrication manifold.  In addition, it monitors lubrication pressure and pump speed recorded in strokes per minute (SPM). The data is recorded every minute. When the temperature rises above a set level or when the lube pressure drops below the recommended minimum, the red warning light is activated.

“This is huge,” says Grant Shiver, Gardner Denver Field Engineer. “Many problems in power ends don’t rear their ugly heads until it’s too late.  You can’t visually tell if a lube line is clogged or if the bearings are getting too hot. The Smart Box alerts you and allows you to fix it before the problem results in a complete shutdown.”

At any given time, a worker can look at the Smart Box digital display and see the real time data readings. All data is recorded onto a SD card with a recording time of 10 years.

The Smart Box comes with a customer communication port allowing each customer to customize how and where it receives data. In fact, the data can be transmitted wirelessly and can be programmed to be seen at a supervisor’s computer located on or off the job site. Not only can the data help you monitor pump performance, but it can also be used to make trends, assumptions and develop specific maintenance plans.  With SPM data, there’s no more estimating on the pump’s uptime.

Currently, the Smart Pump technology is available on Gardner Denver 2250 Triplex, 2500 Quintuplex, GD 3000 and the Maverick drilling pump. Gardner Denver has plans to bring the technology to even more pump models across the drilling, stimulation, and industrial pump lines. The Smart Box can be added to a customer’s order, or it can be retrofitted to a power end already in operation. To operate, the Smart Box requires a 24V DC 50-100 Watts power source.

 “The Smart Pump technology is another example of Gardner Denver designing and following through with a project that ultimately helps the customer succeed,” says Shiver.

For more information on the Smart Pump technology, please call 1-866 GDPUMPS (1-866-437-8677) or visit

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