Gardner Denver unveils Falcon Technology for PZ-11 fluid end module

September 17, 2013

Gardner Denver’s Falcon Technology is now available for the PZ 11 drilling pump, making the PZL-HD the first drilling Fluid End Module to offer this patent pending technology, which increases reliability and eases serviceability.

 “When we had the opportunity to design this new drilling module, we thought we could bring the drilling industry up to speed with Falcon Technology,” said Arun Chandrasekaran, the development engineer on the project.  Gardner Denver’s Falcon Technology is already being used in the well servicing and fracturing fluid ends and customers have welcomed the change. The Falcon spring retainer allows customers to replace the retainer with a single twist-in piece.

In addition, the PZL-HD offers a 20% increased life expectancy over the 5,000-psi wide body module. Arun said over the past few years, the drilling industry has demanded longer lasting modules. Gardner Denver wanted to deliver a module that met that demand, but maintained the smaller module size and life. The PZL-HD does just this.

The PZL-HD also maintains the same external dimensions as the 5000-psi wide body module.  The internal and external components also largely remain the same except for an improved valve cover design with bore seal, and the new Falcon spring retainer.  Internal bores are designed to minimize operating stress, which improves the life expectancy of the module.

“We addressed two issues in this new module. We upgraded the internal cross bore features in the module to improve reliability and we implemented the Falcon Technology to ease serviceability,” said Chandrasekaran.  “Our customers have already given us positive feedback regarding the results.”

With Falcon Technology, customers no longer need multiple parts and fasteners to replace the retainer. Simply put, the new technology saves service time.  Gardner Denver expects once the drilling industry sees how easy Falcon Technology is to use, it will welcome this new change.

In the meantime, the PZL-HD is compatible with both the standard retainer and the Falcon spring retainer. 

To learn more about the PZL-HD or to place your order, please call 1-866-GD PUMPS (1-866-437-8677) or email [email protected].


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