PZ 2400 Gearbox Drive System now available

December 3, 2013

Gardner Denver’s PZ-2400 Gearbox Drive System improves reliability, serviceability and safety while still maintaining the mud pump’s 20% smaller footprint and 30% lighter advantage. The gearbox drive system is designed for the PZ-2400 drilling pump. It is also compatible with the PZL and PXL pumps.   

The compact design of the new gearbox drive system allows customers to fully access the power end with the gearbox and motor in place. Pump maintenance time is significantly reduced because the motors don’t need to be removed to inspect or service internal power end components. The integrated motor and gearbox interface eliminates shaft coupling and alignment issues typical of gearbox drives. In addition, the gearbox eliminates drive belts and the related belt tension and alignment issues. Safety is improved because loose or damaged belts no longer pose a danger. Eliminating the related belt guards also improves access to the pump for maintenance requirements.

“We’re pleased to give our drilling customers another option in the field. The PZ- 2400 Gearbox Drive System allows customers to use a gear box system while still maintaining the size, weight, and horsepower advantage of a PZ-2400” says Chris Degginger,Gardner Denver Engineering Manager. “We’ve made the most durable drilling pump on the market even better by developing the most reliable drive system available today. We think our customers will enjoy this improved reliability while still maintaining a smaller footprint.” 

The PZ-2400 Gearbox Drive System is designed for 50,000 hours of maximum rod load. It provides pressurized lubrication to all gearbox gears and bearings.

The system can be installed without any modifications to the power end and can be retrofitted to the current PZ-2400, PZL, and PXL pumps in the field. A single electric motor is mounted directly over the pump. The gearbox is mounted directly to the jackshaft.

The PZ-2400 Gearbox Drive System can be built using either an air cooled motor or a water jacket cooled motor. The system is designed to reduce noise in the pump room.

For more information on the PZ-2400 Gearbox Drive System, please contact Gardner Denver at 1-866 GDPUMPS (1-866-437-8677).

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