Pump University now available for the SGWS and the TLS 10 fluid ends

October 15, 2013

Want a fluid end that lasts two to three times longer? Graduates of Gardner Denver’s Pump University are finding their improved maintenance skills are correlating into longer lasting fluid ends. Pump University is offered to all Gardner Denver customers and teaches proper maintenance and repair of a fluid end.

“I have seen customers who have been maintaining fluid ends a specific way for 20 years and when they take our training class, they say ‘I never knew that’,” says Pump University Trainer Kyle Cordell. “They are surprised out how easy it can be, and how they can improve the life of the pump.”

Pump University is taught at the customer’s location and is designed for 10 to 15 employees per training class. Multiple training classes are offered for each visit. The training class lasts approximately three hours and features a student workbook, power point presentation, a cutaway fluid end module and hands-on training. Gardner Denver supplies all the materials. 

Pump University is available for the SGWS and the TLS 10 fluid ends. As the program expands, more classes will be offered with the ultimate goal of having a class for every Gardner Denver fluid end and power end.

Pump University teaches customers key tips that will help extend the life of the pump. For example, using oil instead of grease is important. Putting the packing in the correct order and direction is crucial. Cordell says 90% of fluid end problems start with incorrect packing installation. Improper installation can cause frac sand to leak out along with wear and tear on the valves. He says the packing is really a simple process and if you do it correctly, you will extend the life of your pump.

With technology constantly changing in the pumping market, maintenance classes are essential to ensure customers are getting the proper life out of their pumps. Gardner Denver wants customers to know we’re ready to help by teaching Pump University classes. Our goal remains the same. We want to provide the longest lasting pumps in the market.

To schedule Pump University, please contact Kyle Cordell at 832-267-4416 or [email protected]

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