Gardner Denver presents Pump University

October 9, 2013
Gardner Denver presents Pump University: preventative maintenance training to prolong the life of your pumps and increase your bottom line.
Gardner Denver understands the importance that our customers place on reliability - which is why we place such an emphasis in engineering dependable machines. Even the highest quality products, however, are susceptible to failure over time without proper maintenance. Along with reducing the risk of mechanical failure, preventative maintenance also benefits a company’s bottom line in a number of ways:
• Energy efficiency                            • Higher quality of production
• Extended life of equipment           • Decreased production time
• Decrease production cost              • Lower repair costs 
• Less downtime                                • Reduce workplace hazards
• Reduce insurance inventories
If preventative maintenance is not done correctly, it can create more problems than remedies. To ensure your equipment is getting the proper attention, check out Gardner Denver’s Pump University. Pump U is designed as a mobile classroom that comes to your facility and trains employees on how to properly maintain your capital assets. This customized training is taught by our knowledgeable staff that has spent extensive time with the pumps. Accompanied with videos, pump models, cutaways, tools, parts and comprehensive service manuals, we bring everything you will need to maximize the life of your pump. 
For more information ,contact the Pump University Program Director Kyle Cordell, at 832-530-9790 or at [email protected]
Pump University now available for the SGWS and the TLS 10 fluid ends Gardner Denver Pumps to open two new facilities
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