Gardner Denver introduces Pump 101 educational program

July 10, 2014

Gardner Denver wants to bring the pumping action normally seen on a job site right to a customer’s central office. Pump 101 is designed to educate office and warehouse employees about what happens in the field. Pump 101 is based on the popular Gardner Denver Pump University curriculum, but offers a broader approach.

The classes are typically scheduled over a customer’s lunch hour. Targeted personnel include executives, accountants, purchasers, engineers and warehouse employees. While many may have worked in the oil and gas field for years, they often don’t get the chance to travel to a job site or see a pump in action.

Gardner Denver trainers will discuss Gardner Denver’s background in the pumping industry, the products we offer and our innovation. We’ll let employees handle a fluid end and explain how it works. We’ll show them all the expendables needed and how these are critical to a pump’s life. Employees will graduate from Pump 101 with a full knowledge on what packing is, what happens when a critical part is not installed correctly, and how Gardner Denver’s pumps are Beyond Tough.

“While Pump University gives field service technicians the tools needed to hone their craft, Pump 101 gives the office personnel the knowledge to enhance their company,” says Kyle Cordell, Gardner Denver Trainer. “We find Pump 101 helps all employees communicate better internally and have a thorough understanding of the challenges in the field. Plus, Pump 101 gives us the opportunity to tell our customers more about our service and performance.”

To learn more about or schedule a Pump 101 class, please contact Kyle Cordell at 832-267-4416 or [email protected]. For more information about Pump University or Gardner Denver, please visit or call at 1-866 GDPUMPS (1-866-437-8677).

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