Gardner Denver Introduces ONE Customer Service

June 16, 2014

With ONE phone call, all your pumping needs can be met.  Gardner Denver’s ONE Customer Service offers a one-stop solution. If you call either the domestic number 866-GD-PUMPS or the international number 918-GD-PUMPS, you’ll be instantly connected to a personal customer service representative that can place your order, provide a quote, check availability, answer technical questions and deliver many more solutions.

“The ONE Customer Service Team was born after listening to the voice of our customers,” says Chrissie Pate, Gardner Denver ONE Customer Service Manager. “It was designed to enhance the customer experience by allowing for immediate connectivity, regardless of need.”

The ONE Customer Service number is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Regardless of when you call, you’ll be connected immediately to a live person. It’s old-fashioned customer service at its best.

“I am quite impressed with Gardner Denver’s customer service,” says Thomas Harding, Kimble Manufacturing. “I didn’t have to deal with an automated voice directory, and I didn’t get bounced around to multiple departments. That’s a breath of fresh air!”

Pate says before the ONE number, customers had to know who to contact at each location for each specific pumping product line. If they had trouble-shooting questions, they sometimes had to contact yet another location. Now customers can contact ONE Customer Service for immediate assistance. Pate goes on to say, “We want to complement the customer experience not only by having knowledgeable and available reps and techs, but also by illustrating a passion behind what we do that will allow for a more enthusiastic appreciation for customer service. We don’t want to just be good, we want to be GREAT!”

“Gardner Denver’s ONE Customer Service guided us through the best way to process our order,” says Pemco’s Marie McGrath.

ONE Customer Service consists of dedicated and experienced customer service technicians and representatives with expertise in both domestic and international business. While corporate businesses may work traditional business hours, Gardner Denver understands its customers don’t. That’s why 24/7 customer service is needed. 

“We continue to work hard to establish and maintain effective relationships with customers and gain their trust, respect and loyalty,” says Larry Kerr, Gardner Denver Vice President. “But we don’t just want to serve them, we want to delight them.”

In addition to the phone number, customers may also email [email protected] and a ONE Customer Service Representative will respond as soon as possible.

“Our goal is to offer our customers an effortless way to contact us with all their needs,” says Pate. “We also understand what works for one customer may not work for another. That’s why our direct line of communication includes a 24/7 phone number, email or website form. In the future and as technology evolves, we hope to offer other avenues of direct contact to fit the needs of the industry.”

For more information about Gardner Denver, please call 1-866-GD PUMPS (Domestic) or 918-GD-PUMPS (International). You can also visit

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