Oberdorfer Pumps launches new website

December 17, 2013

Take a close look around you and you’re likely to see Oberdorfer Pumps hard at work. The syrup on your pancakes. The beer in your glass. The road salt on the street. The clean car leaving the wash. The backbone for all of these is a small industrial pump made by Oberdorfer, a division of Gardner Denver.

“We’re the best kept secret,” says Robin Watkins, Oberdorfer Pump Plant Manager.  “It’s also a very exciting place to work.  You don’t get bored here. Every day is not the same.Our mix of products that we make one month will vary quite differently from the previous month. It’s a challenge, but a good challenge.”

Think of an application or an industry and Oberdorfer Pumps is probably in it.  Oil and Gas, Marine, Food and Beverage, Mobile and Agriculture are just a few of the applications. Founded in 1885 and based in Syracuse, NY, Oberdorfer has built a big reputation for producing small pumps for a wide-variety of applications.   Pumps are sold through distributors and OEMs.

“Our reputation speaks for itself,” says Alford Jones, Sales Supervisor. “We have loyal distributors who have been with us for 50 years. We have people wanting to sell our pumps all the time. Our quality and service are known.”

The numbers speak for themselves, too. One hundred percent of the products are tested before leaving the factory. The repair rate is less than 1% annually, and the on-time delivery rate is 99%.

“We work very, very hard for customer satisfaction,” explains Watkins. “We have one of the best sales teams out there to make sure we can provide a solution for whatever situation you have. We are going to get it to you on time.  If you have a problem, we handle it as quickly as possible.”

Repair rates are extremely low because of the strict manufacturing process. From engineering and design to the quality of materials sourced and used in production, everything must meet high standards. While Watkins acknowledges the competition may be producing cheaper pumps, Oberdorfer is producing higher quality, longer-lasting pumps which results in its customers getting more value and less downtime from a pump. 

“If you ask anyone to describe us, the first word out of their mouth would be quality,” states Jones.

Oberdorfer will design and engineer a pump to meet your needs. Pumps can also be customized or modified for your specific application. In fact, Oberdorfer is currently engineering and manufacturing a gear pump to be used for the Gardner Denver mud pumps PZ-7, PZ-8 and PZ-9.

To complement its reputation and continue branding with Gardner Denver, Oberdorfer recently launched a new website. A new design with easier navigation and in-depth content will allow customers to research or find a pump. Plus, Watkins hopes the site will give the company more opportunities on the international stage.

To learn more about Oberdorfer Pumps, please call 1-800-448-1668 or visit www.oberdorferpumps.com

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