MG Bryan-Equipped Tatra 10x10 Truck and GD-2500 Quintiplex Pump are Revving Up Excitement for OTC 2013 at Reliant Park in Houston

April 26, 2013

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HOUSTON, Texas (April 26, 2013) – M.G. Bryan Equipment Company and Gardner Denver are bringing definitively heavy-duty horsepower to the Offshore Technology Conference, the world’s largest energy industry tradeshow.

M.G. Bryan, headquartered Grand Prairie, Texas, has custom-fitted Gardner Denver equipment for Tatra’s 8x8 (that’s 8 wheels and 8-wheel drive) and 10x10 trucks. The distributor for both Tatra and Gardner Denver, M.G. Bryan will have the 10x10 model on display at Reliant Park in Houston during OTC, which opens May 6 and concludes May 9.

Tatra trucks are used in concert with Gardner Denver pumps to make specially configured frac trailers for well servicing. Tatras are built for extreme conditions such as steeply graded hills, high waters, and cold weather. “You can go anywhere and you can do anything,” Gardner Denver marketing specialist Jared Stone said of the Tatra trucks.

“M.G. Bryan is a premier frac truck builder,” said Edward Bayhi, director of marketing for Gardner Denver. Bayhi noted that well servicing operations in the Rocky Mountains and in Canada stand to benefit most from M.G. Bryan’s assembly of mobile frac trailers able to withstand the most punishing environments. “They can help extend activity into the ‘spring laydown’ season in Canada,” Bayhi said.

The history of Tatra goes back to 1850 as Schustala and Company, a wagon and carriage maker based in the Czech Republic. The company went through several name changes before becoming Tatra in 1919, named after the Tatra Mountains in nearby Slovakia. Tatra, one of the oldest vehicle manufacturers in the world, is perhaps best known for its trucks that were used in World War II, and Tatra continues to manufacture all-wheel-drives in 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 10x10 and 12x12.

“Tatra is used to carrying tanks. It’s all about the extreme capability the Tatra truck provides. You don’t have to build a road,” Bayhi said.

Gardner Denver’s GD-2500 Quintiplex Well Service Pump, which will be transported in an M.G. Bryan-equipped Tatra 10x10 during OTC, has five plungers with a maximum input of 2,500 BHP and an 8-inch stroke length.

That’s quite a haul for OTC spectators to take in at Reliant Park. Expect a show of strength and power that is sure to impress.  “We’re willing to partner with our customers and vendors and help them be successful,” Bayhi said.

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About M.G. Bryan

M.G. Bryan Equipment Company, the distributor for Gardner Denver pumps, supplies power packages, industrial pump units, oil well servicing equipment, generator packages, and hazardous-area power packs to companies worldwide. Domestically, M.G. Bryan provides power and pump packages for oilfield applications and OEMs in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

About Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver, Inc., is a global manufacturer of industrial pumps, compressorsblowers, loading arms and fuel systems. Its products are used in power plants, water purification, the food and beverage industry, paper mills, aviation, swimming pools, and pharmaceuticals. The Company has 40 manufacturing facilities located in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia Pacific, with offices in 33 countries.

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