1. Maverick Drilling Pump (side view)

Gardner Denver customers call the Maverick a "game changer"

November 26, 2013

A Game Changer.  That’s how Goldmark Diesel’s Ryan Volkerink describes Gardner Denver’s new Maverick drilling pump.    The Maverick is a 1500 horsepower, 7500 PSI mud pump that weighs 30% less than competitors.  The pump specifications meet an industry demand for lighter weight pumps.

“It is really impressive to see how much smaller the Maverick is and realize it can still do the volumes of the larger pumps,” says Volkerink.  “I don’t think it will take long to prove itself in the market because the Gardner Denver name means quality and reliability.”

With recent changes in the industry, drilling customers were looking for solutions to weight restricted transportation issues.   At the same time, they needed a pump with more pressure and flow for a bigger reach in horizontal drilling. 

“No one else was addressing this issue,” says Steve Ratcliffe, Gardner Denver Sales Manager.   “At Gardner Denver, we have a strong reputation in the well stimulation group for producing very high horsepower to low weight ratio pumps. We took this proven technology and addressed similar requirements in drilling pump applications. The Maverick is our answer.”

The 1500 BHP Maverick is just 101 inches wide and weighs 18,310 pounds. The smaller footprint allows for permit-free truck mounted transportation on a standard truck.

“There is a lot of excitement from most people that are looking into the 1300 to 1500 horsepower pumps. They are looking for something to solve the weight problem. There isn’t anything in the market that matches the Maverick in terms of weight and power,” says Ratcliffe.

Goldmark Diesel’s client, Beaver Drilling, will be the first to use the Maverick on its entire drilling rig.  Nabors is also using the Maverick on select rigs.  Goldmark Diesel also plans to have the Maverick available for rent by first quarter 2014.

“Once people see it and see it running, it will go out on rent and probably never come home,” predicts Volkerink.

Gardner Denver has authorized service centers, parts and technicians in place to provide support on this new drilling mud pump.

For more information about the Maverick, please contact Gardner Denver at 1-866 GDPUMPS (1-866-437-8677) or visit www.gardnerdenverpumps.com.

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