Gardner Denver's Cheyenne facility serves the Bakken region and DJ Basin

April 3, 2014

Since opening October 1, 2013, Gardner Denver’s Cheyenne facility hasn’t slowed down. Located right in the heart of the Bakken region and the DJ Basin, the regional facility provides local service technicians, parts, expendables and pumps.  With its central location, Gardner Denver staff can respond to a client’s request within hours.

“We’ve seen a lot of positive feedback,” says George Rainey, Gardner Denver’s Northwest Regional Manager. “Our customers enjoy having a facility near their job site. While they can always get parts quickly from one of our other locations, our regional office gives them a personal touch that can’t be replicated.”

In fact, Rainey and his team often find themselves personally delivering parts to a customer on a job site hundreds of miles away. They’ll even field calls in the middle of the night and deliver the expendables within hours.

Rainey says the area is growing rapidly with more start-up companies hitting the market.  For these companies, they often don’t have the warehouse space to keep all their parts and manage inventory. That’s where Gardner Denver is a perfect fit.  

“We’ll help a customer manage their inventory,” says Rainey. “We’ll meet with them and discuss what parts they need regularly. We’ll then stock our Gardner Denver facility with these parts specifically for this customer. We manage the supply to ensure the parts are always in stock. This takes the burden off the customer, and they can focus on doing their job. They can count on Gardner Denver to provide them with their parts when needed.”

Two full-time service technicians work out the Cheyenne facility. They’re constantly out in the field performing routine maintenance on a customer’s power ends and fluid ends.  

The Cheyenne staff also arranged a Pump University class for one of its customers. Gardner Denver’s Kyle Cordell teaches customers the proper maintenance and repair of a fluid end. The half-day class is taught on location at a customer’s facility and offers guidance and tips on how to extend the life of your pump.

For more information on the Cheyenne facility, please contact Gardner Denver at 1-866 GDPUMPS (1-866-437-8677) or visit  

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