Gardner Denver Stainless Steel Fluid Ends

March 25, 2014

Gardner Denver customers crunched the numbers, and the results prove Gardner Denver’s stainless steel fluid ends provide more value for the dollar. While initial costs may be higher, a longer life with less downtime equaled an overall savings.  

Paul Harris, Gardner Denver’s Product Line Manager for Pumps, says his customers did their own field studies comparing carbon steel versus stainless steel fluid ends. Harris explains his customers initially ordered just a small sampling of the stainless steel fluid ends for research. He said customers immediately saw several key advantages over carbon steel.

While initially skeptical about the cost, the customers soon understood the incredible value the stainless steel delivered. Harris says his customers reported the Gardner Denver stainless steel fluid ends lasted much longer than the competitor’s carbon steel fluid ends. In fact, the stainless steel fluid ends ran for more than double the life of the competitions’. In field tests, one Gardner Denver stainless steel fluid end lasted longer than two competitor carbon steel fluid ends. This time savings translated into less man hours, less road time for equipment replacement and less downtime. All of this equated to a lower cost of ownership for the life of the fluid end.

“Essentially their studies changed the way the industry looks at fluid ends,” Harris says. “While historically considered an expendable, the fluid end is now considered an asset.”

Harris says his customers are now converting their entire fleets from carbon steel fluid ends to the superior Gardner Denver’s stainless steel fluid ends. These customers include a major Canadian-based company and a major U.S. service company.

“The value of stainless steel really shines through for anyone that is working in a high pressure and high rate industry,” says Harris. “While stainless is not right for every customer, it is great for the hydraulic fracturing market. Stainless steel experiences less corrosion and can handle the more corrosive fluids, including the gray or brackish recycled water used in fracking.”

Harris fields weekly calls about the company’s stainless steel fluid ends. The word is spreading through the industry, but many still have questions, particularly about price, delivery and life. Harris says customers often have a misconception of cost and are surprised stainless steel is actually priced lower than they originally believed. Plus, customers are impressed by the lifespan.

“As our CORE values say, we want to be #1 in Teamwork and we take the customer relationship very seriously to work with them for their successes – enter our stainless steel fluid ends,” says Harris. “We want them to see the difference. We’re here to answer questions and provide support.”

Gardner Denver engineers stainless steel fluid end models for the majority of pumps in the market. Plus, Gardner Denver’s fluid ends are designed to allow parts to be interchangeable across all pump models.

For more information about stainless steel fluid ends, please contact Gardner Denver at 1-866 GDPUMPS (1-866-437-8677) or visit

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