Gardner Denver careers are rewarding, fulfilling

January 8, 2014

By offering on-the-job training, growth opportunities and employee recognition, Gardner Denver's employees are challenged, rewarded and fulfilled in their careers with the company. In fact, Gardner Denver boasts a turnover rate that is lower than the national average for manufacturing companies. 

"With our international footprint, we offer a lot of opportunities across Gardner Denver," said Michelle Downes, Gardner Denver Human Resources Manager. "With many locations, the possibilities are endless. Plus, we've implemented career training and development to help our employees succeed.  When possible, we also promote from within the company." 

The Rising Star program was developed three years ago to expose employees to leadership opportunities. Managers select salaried employees who are relatively new in their career with Gardner Denver to participate in the program. Employees attend various training modules including financial, sales, customer service, project management and corporate culture. More than one-third of the past participants are now in formal supervisor or manager roles. Many of the other participants have been assigned to special development projects but haven't yet had the opportunity to promote to a formal supervisory position. 

In addition to the Rising Star program, field shop employees including technicians, machinists and mechanics are also offered skill and career development.They receive training both within their department and across other departments. Many Gardner Denver production supervisors started in the shop and worked their way up to their current supervisor role.  If employees are willing to relocate, the growth can come quickly.

"We have taken the opportunity to highlight employees we want to retain and emulate," said Downes. "Plus, we've hired a number of interns into full-time roles especially within the engineering department. 

Along with focusing on employee growth, the company invests millions of dollars in its own facilities to ensure safe and comfortable work environments. Shops are clean, well-lit, climate controlled and outfitted with the latest equipment and technologies.The company constantly evaluates its processes to improve efficiencies. 

Employees are also recognized with reward and incentive programs.  When the company reaches its goals, Gardner Denver celebrates with its employees by hosting luncheons and cook-outs. 

The company offers a very comprehensive and competitive benefits package.Gardner Denver matches an employee's 401K contribution up to 4.5%. Employees are immediately vested in the match program.  The company also offers a wellness program which gives employees incentives for participation.  

To see available jobs and to apply, please visit or the company's LinkedIn page.

For more information on Gardner Denver, please visit or call 1-866 GDPUMPS (1-866-437-8677).

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