Gardner Denver 7500 PSI Drilling Module

March 28, 2014

Demand for high-pressure drilling modules is increasing at record numbers, and Gardner Denver has increased capacity to match customer requests. Gardner Denver’s Director of Engineering Greg Hash says the company has not only upped its material supply, but is also now manufacturing the 7500 PSI modules at multiple facilities. In previous years, the company’s Quincy facility produced all 7500 PSI drilling modules. Now, the Tulsa and Altoona plants are also manufacturing them.

“We’ve seen the industry demand for the 7500 PSI drilling modules increase substantially,” explains Hash. “We believe it’s because companies are now drilling deeper and more horizontal wells. Technology has allowed them to reach further, which we think is driving the need for the higher pressure drilling equipment.”

Hash says in previous years the 5000 PSI drilling module was favored.  Now, customers want the 7500 PSI drilling module for land base drilling. Gardner Denver’s 7500 PSI is not new. In fact, the module has been in the company’s portfolio for 15 years and primarily has been used for offshore drilling.  Its longevity in the market demonstrates its durability and dependability.

“We have a proven product already available for the high pressure drilling application,” says Hash.  “Gardner Denver leverages its expertise in the frac market to benefit its drilling pump design as well.” Hash points out that Gardner Denver is the only pump company with an engineering group aligned to support drilling and fracturing technology. While Gardner Denver’s plants can handle the demand, Hash says the most challenging part is sourcing the raw steel. The 7500 PSI module requires more steel than the 5000 because of its thicker walls and smaller bores. The company is seeking more suppliers. The 7500 PSI module mounts to the PZL (PZ 11) and the PXL. 

For more information on the 7500 PSI module, please contact Gardner Denver at 1-866 GDPUMPS (1-866-437-8677) or visit




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