Free fluid end or power end inspections now available

January 16, 2014

Let’s face it. Pump inspections and repairs often get overlooked.  With too many other tasks in the day, inspecting a fluid end or power end in a yard just doesn’t get done. Yet routine maintenance and inspection is critical to maintaining the life of a pump.  That’s why Gardner Denver is offering customers a solution under the new program “Free Pump Inspections.”

Customers are eligible for up to 10 free inspections of power ends and fluid ends per yard per month. Inspection times average three hours.  Customers are asked to remove the pump from the truck to allow a complete inspection.

“When our customers buy a pump, we want them to get the maximum life out of it,” says the program manager Kyle Cordell.  “By offering this service, we’re helping them reach that maximum life which keeps their costs down.  Our service technicians are well-trained and experienced.  By visually inspecting the fluid ends or power ends, they’ll be able to tell our customers what, if anything, needs to be done to maintain the high level of performance.”

Service technicians will have a checklist of specific items to inspect including, but not limited to, : frame, crankshaft, bearings, crosshead, connecting rods, pony rods, bull gears, pinion, valves, seats, packing, gaskets, retainers and plungers.  Once the inspection is complete, the technician will leave a detailed report with the customer.  All of the service technicians will carry select inventory including expendables such as valves and seats.  If a customer needs and wants these items, the service technicians will be able to provide them prior to leaving the yard.

Following the inspection, Gardner Denver’s customer service department will reach out to the customer to schedule repairs, if needed.  The service department will also be able to provide replacement pump costs.   

“We’re offering this for free,” says Cordell. “We’re coming to your place and we’re doing it for you.  The service techs will not be paid a commission so customers don’t need to worry about upselling. Our service techs just want to get our customers back up and running.”

Free Pump Inspection is just one of several programs Gardner Denver has to help its customers.  Gardner Denver’s Pump University is a mobile classroom that travels to a customer’s facility and trains its employees on proper pump maintenance.  Gardner Denver also has a thorough warranty program.

“I’m excited for another opportunity to show our customers that we really do care, and we really want them to get the maximum life out of their pumps,” says Cordell.

To schedule your free pump inspections, please contact Gardner Denver at 1-866 GDPUMPS (1-866-437-8677) or visit

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