Gardner Denver Pumps' Facebook page earns 10,000 fans

December 12, 2013

Gardner Denver reached 10,000 Facebook fans this week setting a new benchmark for oil field equipment companies of its size.  The digital accomplishment comes just weeks after the company won several awards for its print advertisement campaigns.  

The Facebook page launched less than two years ago and had less than 2,500 fans at the start of the year. The Gardner Denver marketing team realized the social media market was untapped territory and had big potential. The team set a lofty goal to reach the coveted 10,000 mark by the end of the year and accomplished it with three weeks to spare.

“We’re thrilled,” said Edward Bayhi, Gardner Denver’s Director of Marketing. “We had a targeted strategy to connect with our customers and engage them in conversation online. We wanted to create an environment to encourage interaction between not only us and them, but also amongst each other. The 10,000 mark proves we accomplished our ultimate goal.”

Bayhi points out how much smaller Gardner Denver is than other oil and gas companies with this many fans. In fact, he said the company’s size contributed to its strategy.

“When we looked at our marketing budget compared to the bigger companies, we couldn’t compete in terms of spending,” said Bayhi.  “We don’t have the dollars to match them in print campaigns.  However, we could compete in the digital sphere. We chose to focus heavily on Facebook first and we grew our campaign organically. Now we have an engaged audience which is much stronger than the one-way print campaigns.”

Social media may seem like an unlikely marketing area for an established, traditional industry, but Bayhi understands the oil and gas field is going through a transitional period. A younger generation is now attuned with social media and they are becoming company leaders and decision makers.   As they grow in their own companies, Bayhi realizes they’ll know Gardner Denver on a personal level and will continue the connection already established.

Gardner Denver is also celebrating recent print awards. The company won Oil World’s AdEffect™ award for its July 2013 “That’s Pumping Perfected” full-page ad. Readers recognized the ad as being one of the top five most creative and effective messages. Through its Houston agency Axiom, Gardner Denver also won two Business Marketing Association Awards at the association’s annual Lantern Awards of Texas.   The “That’s Pumping Perfected” ad won the Award of Excellence and the 3D “Pump Up Performance” won the Lantern Award which is the highest scoring marketing piece in a category.

“This has been a remarkable year for us,” said Jared Stone, Gardner Denver Marketing Representative. “We set out to excel in various marketing spaces, and these accomplishments prove we did.  We are beating our competition in both print and digital.   To be number one in marketing closely follows our company’s mission of being number one in innovation, number one in customer service and number one in teamwork.”

For more information about Gardner Denver, please call 1-866 GDPUMPS (1-866-437-8677) or visit

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