Gardner Denver valves and seats improve quality control

April 22, 2014

A color-coded system for Gardner Denver’s valves and seats improves quality control in the warehouse and on the job site. With four primary colors corresponding to different size valves and seats, grabbing the correct product is quicker and easier. 

“We’re constantly listening to our customers and their suggestions,” says Mike Young, Gardner Denver plant manager.   “The color coding idea originally started with a customer asking us to make pulling parts as simple as possible. Through collaboration with our sales and marketing team, we developed this new system. The color coding was relatively easy to implement, but makes a big impact.”

On the valves, the urethane color represents the different sizes including P3, P4, P5 and P6.   In addition to the color, each valve is also engraved with the correct size, job number and the Gardner Denver seal.  The job number allows Gardner Denver to track all material and processes used in the production of each lot to ensure that only quality parts make it to the field.   The valve box is also color coded to make it easy to spot on the warehouse shelves.  In addition, the corresponding seat box has the same color system.

“The colors make it really easy to identify what size part to send out into the field,” says Young.  “In the past, an employee had to read each label closely to ensure they had the right part number.   Now, they can quickly look at the outside of the box and know whether it is a P5 or a P4.  It saves time and improves the material handling process.”

Red represents the P5 valve and seat which is the most popular size.   Green is for the P4 valve and seat,  Yellow is for the P3 valve and seat, and blue is for the P6 valve and seat.

Gardner Denver valves and seats last 42% longer than the closest competition and we continue to look for improvements to make things better for our customers in the field.  They are manufactured in Ft. Worth, Texas, but inventory is stocked in all of our U.S. facilities with immediate delivery available. 

For more information about Gardner Denver’s valves and seats, please contact Gardner Denver at 1-866 GDPUMPS (1-866-437-8677) or visit  

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