New Black Diamond Hydrostatic Testers boast three times faster fill rates

December 10, 2013

With three times faster filler rates, a smaller footprint and significantly less horse power, Gardner Denver’s new Black Diamond Hydrostatic Testers provide customers with a lower cost of operation and ownership. The new Black Diamond Hydrostatic Tester is a direct result of Gardner Denver analyzing the market and listening to customer feedback. 

“We stepped back and looked at the market in detail,” says Jarod Hammar, Gardner Denver Water Jetting General Manager.  “Our customers told us they were looking for a faster way to test and gave us their wish list.  We took their list and decided to take a fresh approach on how a hydrostatic testing unit should operate.  The result is our Black Diamond series.”

The Black Diamond Hydrostatic Testers are designed to save time. They are fitted with two pumps:  a primary fill pump and a high pressure pump. The primary fill pump is a high flow, low pressure pump used to fill the test vessel. It has three times the filling capacity of other hydrostatic testing units. This means operators can now perform more tests in a shorter period of time.   

By using a different pump to fill the vessel, the Black Diamond series is also able to use a much smaller high pressure pump. In competing hydrostatic testers, the high pressure pump is also used to fill the vessel which requires more horsepower and a larger pump.  By using a smaller high pressure pump along with a smaller diesel engine, the Black Diamond series reduces the footprint and lowers energy cost.

The Gardner Denver Black Diamond Hydrostatic Testers are designed to insure that only one operator is required to conduct a complete hydrostatic evaluation.  The primary fill pump system is designed to circulate back to the tank once the vessel is full.  After filling, the exclusive Gardner Denver “Pressure Trol” system allows the operator to regulate the test pressure and bleed-down with a lever and rotary knob without having to clutch the engine or turn off the electric motor.

 “Our customer response has been tremendous,” says Hammar. “They really like the product.  Our market share is growing, and we’re thrilled we could satisfy our customer’s wish list.”

For more information on the Black Diamond Hydrostatic Testers, please contact Gardner Denver Water Jetting Systems at 1-800-580-5388 or visit

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