Altoona facility demonstrates superior service

July 15, 2014

When Gardner Denver’s Altoona facility received an urgent call from a customer needing a brand new pump immediately, the Altoona staff accepted the challenge. A GD 2500 pump was available to be shipped from the Tulsa facility, but the customer needed the pump even quicker. The Altoona staff came together and formulated a plan.

“We went to our materials group first to see if we had all the parts to build this pump,” says Jerry Zeiders, Gardner Denver Northeast Regional Manager. “We then went to our mechanics and test cell operator to make sure they were up for the challenge. We needed to manufacture a pump in half the time it normally takes.”

Gardner Denver understood the customer was in a time-critical crunch. His current pump was broken, and operations had stopped. Until he could get a new pump, he was losing money. Just the week before this call, the same customer needed fluid ends immediately. Gardner Denver was able to ship the fluid ends out the same day. Now, the customer presented an even bigger challenge, but one Altoona was ready to tackle.

“We had guys that came in early, stayed late and moved shifts,” says Gardner Denver’s Jason Sipes. “They had to step it up and work as a team, and they did. They understood this was far beyond expectations and service, but they felt the sense of pride that they could solve a customer’s problem.”

“They like to think they are #1 in the industry,” says Zeiders. “For all of us, our success on this project validates that thinking.”

In less than 36 hours from the initial call, the GD 2500 pump was manufactured, fully tested and on a truck to be delivered.

“The customer came to us when the chips were down,” says Zeiders. “We were able to turn it around for them which we believe will give us another opportunity down the road. The delivery time speaks to Gardner Denver’s excellence in customer service and attitude.”

While manufacturing a pump on short notice is not standard, it is something that could be done because Gardner Denver’s Altoona facility plans ahead for emergency situations. All the pieces were in place, and all the materials were readily available at the facility. 

“The customer service team, the supply chain, production supervisor, mechanics, test cell operator, warehouse workers and shipping team are all trained and prepared to solve these critical problems,” says Sipes. “It’s a team effort, and we’re proud of our success.”

For more information about the Altoona facility or Gardner Denver, please call 1-866 GDPUMPS (1-866-437-8677) or visit    


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