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When you’re in business for 150 years, you better love what you do. Our passion for pumps is well known. It’s all we do. We’re the only company that offers both drilling and well-servicing solutions. Smaller, more powerful and American-made, our pumps outlast anything on the market. And we’re constantly innovating to evolve with the industry, not coasting on our reputation. Ask around. Pumping Perfected is more than just a tagline. It’s an ongoing obsession.

  • Reciprocating Triplex Drilling Pump PZ 9

    PZ 9 (PZJ)

    Reciprocating, Triplex Drilling Pump - 1000 BHP Our original... more
  • Reciprocating Triplex Horizontal Directional Drilling Pump THE


    Reciprocating, Triplex Horizontal Directional Drilling Pump -... more
  • PZ2400 (in 3D)

    PZ 2400

    Built to meet the most severe onshore and offshore production... more
  • Maverick Drilling Pump (front view)


    So much performance. So little space. An innovation among innovations,... more
  • High Pressure Triplex Pump used in Well Service


    Reciprocating, Triplex Well Service Pump - 1000 BHP Best of... more
  • Stimulation and Frac Pump - GD 2250 BHP


    Reciprocating, Triplex Stimulation and Fracturing Pump - 2,5250... more
  • Stimulation and Frac Pumps - GD 3000 BHP


    Reciprocating, Triplex Stimulation and Fracturing Pump - 3,000... more
  • Triplex Stimulation and Fracture Pump - GD 2500 BHP


    Reciprocating, Quintuplex Stimulation and Fracturing Pump - 2,500... more

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January 29, 2015

Engineering Doesn’t Stop With Pumps

This is the fourth of a five-part series on the Engineering Team.   When you’re drilling or fracturing, you need more than just a good pump. You need high-quality parts to operate the pump. Gardner Denver’s... more
January 27, 2015

Who Are You Going To Call? Gardner Denver Engineers

This is the third of a five-part series on the Engineering Team.   You’re stuck. You can’t figure out why you’re having issues with your pump. Your packing isn't lasting. Your valves and seats are becoming... more